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Cactus Seeds Catalog – 2023

Wonderful cactus and succulents

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Seeds Catalog

This catalog has two blocks, the first is referred to columnar and others that allow hybridizations, such as Echinopsis, Lobivia, Soherensia with Trichocereus. And the second block is for globular, they start with Acanthocalycium.

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This is important

As far as it was possible the seeds in the list have been ripened well. From many seeds the germination has been controlled. But Often the rarest and most difficult to obtain seeds are the ones that cause the most problems. It is precisely for that reason that they are highly sought after, because they are difficult to obtain and germinate, sometimes because of their dormancy, other times because they have to be scarified and other times because they are hybrid seeds that are hardly viable.

I’ve taken extra steps in the seed processing to ensure the highest germination rates possible by culling all floaters and underdeveloped embryo’s, the seeds are fresh, but we can’t control our entire stock. Every step is taken to produce the highest quality seeds possible, however there is NO GUARANTEE of germination – these seeds are offered AS-IS at the BUYERS RISK!

Mostly the seeds have been harvested in my own collection; to make the list more complete some seeds came from by good reliable friends.

Minimum order value

20,00 € or 22,00$ without mail and other charges fees. Payments are made through Paypal (mainly “Friends and Family option”).

More information

We are a community

I wish you a lot of fun while looking through the list and later on good luck with the germination. I’d like to hear of your results.

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Postage and Packaging

For postage and packaging you will be charged for 8€. The order will be handled as soon as possible. When it is ready you will receive an PM including also the final costs. Please DO NOT send payment to PayPal until we request payment. We will request money from you when we are ready. Please ordering seeds fast in time, because seeds stock will be decline, thank you very much.